Where Can You Get the Book "The Five Negro Presidents"?

Purchase a copy of "Five Negro Presidents" at Amazon.com. It is available in electronic form for the Kindle reader and as a paperback. The work was written by J.A. Rogers and originally published in 1965.

The subtitle of "Five Negro Presidents" is "According to What White People Said They Were." The work purports to present evidence of black ancestry in a handful of U.S. presidents, including Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and Warren G. Harding. The noted African-American historian Henry Louis Gates Jr., however, has said in a review that if there were such a thing, "Five Negro Presidents" could have won the Black History Wishful Thinking Prize. Gates adds that in his work, Rogers seemed to have a miscegenation-meter that allowed him to out all sorts of "white" individuals, but that the author often erred on the side of excess.

Rogers was a Jamaican-American author, historian and lecturer whose work focused on the history of African-Americans in the United States. He worked in various fields, including history, anthropology and sociology. He addressed themes of perspective and sought to address the issue of African-American history told from an African-American point of view. "Five Negro Presidents" has received 73 reviews on Amazon.com as of 2015 with an average of four out of five stars.