How Can You Get Better at Drawing?


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Some strategies to help artists get better at drawing include practicing extensively, studying the work of more accomplished artists and studying the fundamentals of drawing. The most effective way to improve drawing skills is simply to practice more, but studying art is also useful.

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Artists who want to improve their drawing skills need to draw as much as possible. Hollywood animator Paul Davies recommends filling up a least one sketchbook per month with drawings. The more frequently artists draw, the faster improvement is seen. If possible, a job that involves drawing is another useful way to improve skills.

The Internet allows aspiring artists to study the work of their influences in detail. Look up online video tutorials to learn about technique. Download and print out high quality images and practice copying and inking them. It's even possible to contact famous artists using the Internet. Many are willing to answer questions about technique and strategies for improving drawing.

Studying the fundamentals of drawing is vital to help aspiring artists improve. Drawing well involves being familiar with techniques on perspective, construction, anatomy, color theory, rendering and more. Figure drawing or other art classes can help artists improve their skills dramatically, while a trip to the zoo can help artists learn to draw animals.

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