How Can You Find an Artist Who Paints Pictures of Jesus?

Online art marketplaces such as Etsy and galleries such as DeviantArt and Carbonmade include many artists who paint depictions of Jesus Christ. In addition, Christian retailer Art & Soulworks features the paintings of Akiane Kramarik, a young artist renowned for her paintings of Jesus and other religious imagery.

Examples of Etsy artists who feature paintings of Jesus include Eka and Eri, a mother and daughter team from Crete who use egg tempera techniques to create traditional iconic images of Jesus and other Christian figures on wood, stone and other materials. Another Etsy artist, John Paul Sneed of SnikerDoodleStudio, includes Jesus among the subjects he depicts in his colorful acrylic paintings. Painter Celeste Coslett Clark features both monochromatic and rainbow-colored watercolor images of Christ in her Etsy shop.

DeviantArt artists who create paintings of Jesus include Swedish painter Marika Höglund, who goes by the name MonsterMarika. Her gallery includes a commissioned acrylic portrait of Christ on canvas and a blue-toned portrait titled "He Watches Over Us." Also on DeviantArt, portrait artist Brendan Clary includes a sepia-toned oil painting titled "Jesus the Christ" in his gallery. Robert Steven Connett, whose DeviantArt gallery includes pieces such as the acrylic "Christ Suffering Fools," cites his upbringing in an Irish Catholic neighborhood and the iconography at a nearby church as inspiration for his work.

These sites permit the commissioner to view different styles of artwork to decide what he is looking for in an artist. They also provide profiles and contact information on artists.

Once the commissioner selects an artist, the next step is to make contact. Most artists online operate via email. Essential questions for this initial contact should include: Are you currently accepting commissions? Are you interested in creating this type of work (in this case, a picture of Jesus)? What would you charge for this piece?

Once it is established that the artist wants to take on the work, the parties need to draw up a contract. In the modern world of technology, emails may function as a contract and should be treated as full legal contracts. The commissioner may also ask for a hard copy of a contract.

Contract details should include the names of each party, date of the agreement, what the artist is being hired to do (a portrait, a full color illustration, sizes, format, etc.), milestone dates, final deadline, how the artist should deliver the image should be delivered, and cost (base, fees, shipping charges and payment format).