How Can You Get Your Art Into the Fountain Hills Art Festival?

How Can You Get Your Art Into the Fountain Hills Art Festival?

Artists who wish to see their work featured in the Fountain Hills art festival must apply finished work to a category-based jurying process, which votes on what pieces will be included in a given category. Categories span various artistic mediums, such as photography, painting and sculpture, with pools of winners chosen to have their art displayed for each of these categories.

In 2015, the festival saw more than 200,000 guests annually and featured, on average, work from 500 or more artists. These artists were divided according to internal metrics across the various mediums and categories by which art is judged for inclusion by the festival's jury.

  1. Produce finished art
  2. Produce finished art to submit to the festival. Only finished work is eligible for consideration by the festival's jurying process, no matter what category it is submitted under.

  3. Send application
  4. Following instructions, fill out the submission form once submissions go live, usually in early June. This makes the art available for consideration by the festival jury. Application processes differ depending on the type of art submitted.

  5. Await response
  6. Wait to see if the art is accepted at the festival. The jury assesses each piece of art and chooses which will be included. Artists who are not chosen can resubmit the following year.