How Can You Apply to Become a Game Show Contestant?

How Can You Apply to Become a Game Show Contestant?

To apply to become a game show contestant, visit the game show’s website, and provide the required information on its contestant application form. Alternatively, physically attend a casting call session. Game shows have different ways of finding contestants, so researching the show’s casting process is beneficial.

For example, to apply to be a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune,” visit the website, hover over the Join the Show tab, and click on Be A Contestant. Fill out the form, including your contact information and other details, create a video, and upload it along with your application. Answer the survey questions at the bottom of the form before submitting it.

“Wheel of Fortune” also has a mobile recruiting bus called The Wheelmobile. Interested people can sign up for upcoming Wheelmobile events and consideration as contestants on the show’s website.

To apply to be on “Jeopardy,” visit the show’s website, click on Be A Contestant, register and create a MyJeopardy profile, and then look for online test dates. Pass the online test to have a chance at an in-person audition.

Some game shows, such as “Let’s Make a Deal,” “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” and “The Price is Right," pull their contestants randomly from the audience. Getting a ticket for the show and waiting in the audience is the only way to become a contestant.