What Can You Do With Antique Greeting Cards?

What Can You Do With Antique Greeting Cards?

Things to do with antique greeting cards include donating to charity, selling or reusing. Scanning the cards is a good way to keep a digital record of vintage greeting cards.

Get rid of old greeting cards by donating them to charity. Charities such as St. Jude’s Ranch for Children accept old and vintage greeting cards and turn them into new cards for sale. The proceeds of the cards go to supporting their services and programs.

Although vintage cards may not fetch a lot of money individually, a large collection of cards may be worth selling. Sell vintage greeting cards to artists, designers and crafters.

Elaborate Victorian cards from companies such as De La Rue and Raphael Tuck and Sons that are in good condition are in demand, especially with collectors. Ordinary Victorian cards that are unmarked, unsigned and in pristine condition are also popular with collectors.

Lastly, vintage cards can be reused as decorations or post cards. Framing the cards for display is a unique and inexpensive way to decorate. Do this, cut a folded card in half, and use the front as a postcard. Another reusing idea is to turn a collection of vintage greeting cards into a book for a crafts project.