Where Can You Find Animated 3-D Gifs?


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Animated 3-D gifs can be found at the Mashable, Animated Images and Sevenoaks Art websites. Unlike many animated 3D gifs, those at the Mashable website use an optical trick to give the illusion of movement out of the screen and towards the viewer.

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The way that this illusion works is by creating an artificial foreground through the use of vertical white lines. When the moving image perceived as behind these lines crosses them, the viewer is tricked into thinking that the image has come closer to him or her than the screen physically allows. Examples include a number of pop cultural icons, such as Captain America throwing his shield and Sherlock Holmes bending his arms around the vertical lines to manipulate their shape. Animals and clips from other movies are also featured.

The Animated Images and Sevenoaks Art websites have a selection of more basic animated 3D gifs, suitable for use on websites, e-cards, in PowerPoint presentations or as avatars on message boards. Both websites make these gifs available to the public without charge.

In the case of the 3D animated gifs at the Sevenoaks Art website, the creator even invites visitors to modify the gifs for their own purposes, providing a short guide on how to do so.

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