Where Can You Find an Analysis of "On The Move" by Thom Gunn?

An analysis of the poem "On the Move" by Thom Gunn is available on the website Teaching English Today at http://www.teachenglishtoday.org/index.php/2012/11/on-the-move-a-discussion-of-thom-gunns-poem/. This site is sponsored by the English Academy of Southern Africa, an association focused on English language usage.

This analysis of Gunn's poem is offered by someone who grew up during the 1960s and has a feel for the freedom and rebellion represented by the era. He presents the analysis in order to help his 21st-century students understand a poem that depicts a very different generation. The poem is analyzed, stanza by stanza, relating the lines to each other, to what they represent in society, and to how they reflect Gunn's personal philosophy.