What Can You Do on the "American Pickers" Website?

can-american-pickers-website Credit: Ezra Bailey/Taxi/Getty Images

The History Channel website for its program "American Pickers" features video clips of the stars, full episodes, exclusive online video content, profiles of the cast members and games based on the show. The Antique Archeology website for the business run by the "American Pickers" stars contains merchandise and store details.

The History Channel page for "American Pickers" is regularly updated with content to reflect the most recent episodes. Much of the video content is taken from actual episodes, while some is exclusive to the site. Different features include interviews with the cast members and explanations of the antiquing process.

"American Pickers" stars antique collectors Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz and Danielle Colby Cushman as they travel throughout the United States purchasing various items to sell through their antique shops or via auction. The specific format for each episode varies, but generally follows the basic plot of visiting a location and searching for items that have signification historical or monetary values. Some episodes involve the pickers visiting a specific location of someone believed to be in possession of antiques, while others show the two traveling in a general search for antiques in locations that range from garage sales to the homes of private citizens.