How Can You Adopt a Dragon Egg?


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Adopt a dragon eggs on the website Club Penguin. First, locate the pet shop that sells babies, toddlers and eggs. Dragon eggs are marked with the phrase, "is dragon egg." Pick the desired egg and adopt it with in-site coins. They can be adopted with or without baskets.

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Once the virtual dragon egg is adopted, take it back to the igloo and leave it in a warm puffle bed. The egg needs to remain warm to hatch. When it hatches, dress the baby dragon in a scarf to keep it warm. Dispose of the eggshell remnants to avoid unwanted smells in the igloo.

Feed the baby dragon and change its diaper until it is old enough to potty train. Teach it to only spit fire in the event of an emergency; otherwise, it may accidentally burn down the igloo. Keep all windows in the igloo closed so the dragon does not fly away.

Club Penguin is Disney's interactive website for children that offers memberships for a fee. These memberships allow children full access to Club Penguin applications and mini-games that allow them to earn rare prizes. Members can collect clothing and items, and they can adopt up to 75 pets. New content is released monthly to Club Penguin, which is accessible with gift certificates and membership cards sold online and at retail stores.

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