Where Can I Find an Acrostic Poem for the Word Snowman?

An acrostic poem for the word snowman can be found at the Young Poets website, where there are two season-themed acrostic poems from the 2011 Young American Poetry Digest. The acrostic poem entitled "The Snowman" describes the appearance of a snowman as he slowly melts in the sunshine prior to the arrival of night.

Acrostic poems are written so that the first letter of every line can be read vertically to form another word or phrase. This will typically have some relevance to the rest of the poem.

In this case, the first letters of the following words, which begin each line, spell out the word "snowman":

  • Slowly melting in the sun
  • Never moving from his spot
  • Orange carrot for a nose
  • Wet snowman melting
  • Melting in the sun
  • Always has a carrot nose
  • Night approaching