How Can You Access a Rai International TV Guide?

Radiotelevisione Italiana, or RAI Italia’s, formerly RAI International, website lists RAI international television programming around the world, as of 2015. From the RAI Italia main page, click on either the TV or Guida Programmi section of the website. The website offers localized listings based on the user’s computer date and time settings; users in North or South America see RAI international programming based on RAI Italia’s New York satellite feed, for example. Comcast's Xfinity service also offers RAI Italia programming.

RAI Italia is the international programming service of RAI, Italy’s public television broadcaster. RAI Italia’s roster of programs include news, talk shows, dramas, travel shows and documentaries. RAI Italia airs extensive sports coverage of Series A soccer; Series A is Italy’s premiere soccer league, featuring teams such as AS Roma, AC Milan, Inter and Juventus. Other types of programming include music and other festivals, movies, cooking and game shows. Content broadcast includes American dramas, like “Stargate Atlantis,” dubbed into Italian.

RAI Italia is a government-sponsored broadcaster that predominantly provides its programming for Italian expatriates living abroad, heritage speakers of Italian and descendants of Italian immigrants throughout the world. However, RAI Italia's programs are also accessible to anyone learning the Italian language.