Where Can You Access a List of Future W.E.B. Griffin Books?

Where Can You Access a List of Future W.E.B. Griffin Books?

While a comprehensive list of future W.E.B. Griffin books is not available, news about upcoming books is available at WebGriffin.com, the author's official website. It's also possible to follow the author on social media to get up-to-date news.

W.E.B. Griffin, born William Edmond Butterworth III, is an American writer best-known for writing military and detective fiction. He's published six series containing 38 novels under the name W.E.B. Griffin and has used pseudonyms to publish additional books.

Griffin's first series of books, the "Brotherhood of War" books, were published between 1982 to 2001. The series is made up of nine books.

Griffin began publishing his next series, "Men at War," in 1985, before he was finished with the "Brotherhood of War" series. He published these under the name Alex Baldwin. The series consists of seven books.

The "Corps" series, consisting of 10 books, started coming out in 1986. In 1990, Griffin started publishing under a new pseudonym, John Kevin Dugan. He wrote the "Badge of Honor" series, which contains 12 books, under that name.

Next came the "Honor Bound" series, which consists of seven books. Griffin started these in 1994. Other series include "The Presidential Agent" and "Clandestine Operations." WebGriffin.com contains a downloadable checklist of all the current titles.