Where can you find Aaliyah funeral pictures?


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The BBC has a link from August 2001 with pictures from Aaliyah's funeral. The site, Funeral Pictures, also has a page dedicated to pictures of Aaliyah's funeral as well as several pictures of the plane crash that killed her.

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The BBC has a page from August 31, 2001 with several pictures and commentary from Aaliyah's funeral. The page has pictures of the horse-drawn hearse, men carrying the casket, friends and family mourning, and a picture of white doves being released. There are pictures of Aaliyah's mother, Diane Houghton, and Aaliyah's brother among the mourners. According to the site, Aaliyah's coffin was carried by the horse-drawn hearse to the St. Ignatius Loyola Roman Catholic Church in New York, where a private mass was held with around 100 friends and family members. The celebrities Mike Tyson, Gladys Knight and P Diddy were present at the funeral.

The site Funeral Pictures has additional pictures of Aaliyah's funeral. Some pictures on the site include large pictures of the singer with groups of flowers honoring her, additional pictures of the pallbearers carrying the casket, mourning fans, friends and family, and pictures of wreckage of the plane that killed the singer. The plane crashed in an open field in the Bahamas. There are also pictures on the site of a large group of white flowers outdoors honoring Aaliyah, with red text in the middle: "Aaliyah. One in a million woman."

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