Where Can You View 2014 Movie Trailers?

Where Can You View 2014 Movie Trailers?

The trailers for 2014 movie releases can be found on MovieClips, the YouTube channel owned by movie ticketing company Fandango, and on sites such as MovieWeb. As of 2014, MovieClips houses a library of more than 45,000 film clips and trailers. MovieWeb archives the information pages for films by year.

In 2014, Fandango acquired MovieClips in an effort to expand its video selections. The YouTube channel has been in operation since 2009, when it was owned by online company Zefr. MovieClips licenses and posts content from different move studios, including trailers for films released in 2014.

MovieWeb launched in 1995 and was one of the first movie websites. The site contains an option to view film releases by year, and their archive dates back to 1894. Each film has an information page, including a trailer when available. Their 2014 archive contains 2,192 films.

Some 2014 movie trailers may be available on other sites, such as iTunes Movie Trailers, where visitors can search by film genre and studio. Trailers for popular or award-winning films may be easier to locate online.

The Atlantic ranked 2014 trailers by artistry, choosing to highlight trailers for films such as "Under the Skin," "Interstellar," "Birdman" and "Big Hero 6."