What Are Some Cajun Festivals?

What Are Some Cajun Festivals?

Festivals Acadiens et Créoles is one of the largest Cajun festivals in Louisiana. It features three smaller festival components: the Festival de Musique, the Bayou Food Festival and the Louisiana Craft Fair. Other Cajun Festivals include the Lake Charles Cajun Food and Music Festival and the Louisiana Cajun Zydeco Festival.

With a long list of festivals and events celebrating its Cajun heritage, Louisiana is often called the festival capital of the world.

In October each year since 1972, the city of Lafeyette hosts the Festivals Acadiens et Creoles. This three-day festival offers Cajun food, music and crafts.

Lake Charles plays host to several festivals throughout the year, including the Cajun Food and Music Festival in July. The Cajun French Music Association provides entertainment at this event. Regional food specialities offered include jambalaya, gumbo and cracklins. Another festival that happens annually in Lake Charles is the Calca-Chew Food Festival in September. This festival celebrates the best of traditional Cajun cuisine and focuses on the region's heritage.

The Louisiana Cajun Zydeco Festival takes place annually in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans. The festival features a huge local craft fair and coking demonstrations, but the real draw is the music. Dozens of local musicians perform on several stages during the course of this free event.