What Is a Byline in a Newspaper Article?


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The byline in a newspaper article is the line under the title that contains the author's name. Some bylines also include the date and the author's title at the newspaper. Some publications place the byline at the end of the article.

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Newspaper articles have several important parts. The headline grabs the reader's attention. Headlines are usually short and use vivid language to express the purpose of the article concisely. Articles begin with a lead that offers a short summary of the article and often includes a hook to get readers to keep reading. From there, the author gives more in-depth details about the subject, beginning with the most critical information and moving to less important details.

Most newspaper articles are classified as either news articles or feature articles. News articles are shorter articles that usually report details of current events, such as articles about events in the local area. These can include reports on local sports, crime, politics and community alerts. Feature articles are longer and can focus on topics related to national or local events. These articles can include detailed reports on the environment, school system and government.

Writers usually work for specific sections of the newspaper, such as the sports or entertainment sections. These writers research the articles related to their specific area and turn their work in to an editor prior to publication.

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