How Do You Buy Tickets for ArcLight Cinemas?

How Do You Buy Tickets for ArcLight Cinemas?

Customers purchase tickets for ArcLight Cinemas through or in person at the cinema, as of May 2015. Customers have the option to print tickets after purchasing them or pick them up at the theater.

To buy tickets online, visit the home page, and select a location from the drop-down menu. Select a date, find a movie, and click on Showtimes. Choose a showtime, and click on Buy. Select a quantity for each type of ticket desired, then click on Select Seats. Select the desired seats, and click on Payment Options.

Enter a credit card or gift card along with an email address. Click Purchase to complete the transaction. If electing to pick the tickets up at the theater, the card used for the purchase is required for the pick-up.

Other options for purchasing tickets include the ArcLight mobile application, Facebook application, automated ticket kiosks or the theater box office, as of May 2015.

The ArcLight Cinemas mobile and Facebook ticketing applications are similar to the website, and tickets can be printed or picked up at a kiosk. Automated ticket kiosks are available in the theater lobby for purchasing tickets. Cashiers at the theater box office also sell tickets.

Purchasing a ticket reserves a seat at ArcLight Cinemas. The ticket lists seating information, including the row and seat number.