How Do You Buy Bulk Books for a Business?

How Do You Buy Bulk Books for a Business?

To buy books in bulk for a business, determine which book you want and how many copies are needed. Research book suppliers, and find out their policies concerning things such as price and shipping. Finally, contact a supplier to make a deal and place the order.

  1. Select the book and how many copies are needed

    Determine what book to purchase based on a topic that is applicable to the business. After the specific book is selected, determine how many copies of that book are needed.

  2. Check order policies, and select a supplier

    Many suppliers have order policies that require you to order a minimum number of books, and some suppliers offer discounts depending on the number of books ordered. These discounts are often better when more books are ordered. After weighing your needs against the benefits that each supplier provides, determine the supplier you prefer to work with.

  3. Negotiate a price for the bulk order

    Contact the book supplier and let them know your needs and your ideal purchase cost. Suppliers are often willing to negotiate pricing, so while they may decline the initial offer, a reasonable compromise can usually be reached. Once a price is determined, make the bulk book purchase.