How Do You Buy AMC Gold Movie Passes?

Consumers can purchase AMC Gold Tickets from and a number of retailers, such as CostCo and, as of July 2015. AMC announced, however, that the Gold Ticket would be discontinued in August 2015 to be replaced by the Green Ticket.

The new Green Ticket, AMC announced, would be good for admission to all movies except ones distributed by the Walt Disney Co. That includes films by Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm, Ltd.

The Gold Ticket can be used at all AMC-affiliated theaters, which includes Loews, Cineplex Odeon, Magic Johnson and Star theaters. They are not good in Canadian theaters. The tickets are good for one admission only and cannot be reused once scanned. A surcharge is added for 3D, Real D, IMAX and AMC ETX movies. There also is a surcharge for Dine-in Theaters, alternative content and premium services. Gold tickets do not expire and are good seven days a week.

AMC offers gold tickets as part of movie bundles that include the tickets along with tickets for drinks and popcorn. AMC sells the Gold tickets themselves in bundles of 50 and promotes them for use as incentives, rewards and promotional gifts. Sites such as and offer the tickets in bundles of four, six and 10.