What Is the Busiest Bridge in the World?

The busiest bridge in the world is the George Washington Bridge. It connects Fort Lee, Bergen County, New Jersey to the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. More than 100,000,000 vehicles cross it every year.

The George Washington Bridge was opened for public use in 1931. The bridge also has a lower level, which was opened in 1962. The bridge has a total of 14 lanes, eight lanes on the upper level and six on the lower. This makes the George Washington Bridge the sole 14-lane suspension bridge in the world. The bridge was first named the Hudson River Bridge as it spans the Hudson River.

The main architect and designer of the bridge was Othmar Ammann. The bridge was estimated to cost $75,000,000 when its construction began in 1927. It is formed of exposed steel towers. The initial construction designed included a granite and concrete casing, but that idea was discarded due to higher costs and also the fact that exposed steel had an element of artistic superiority. The bridge has a main span of 3,500 feet, and at the time of its construction, it was the world's longest main bridge span until the Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937.