Who Is Bumblebee From "Transformers"?


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Bumblebee is a member of the Autobot faction of the Transformers, a group of extraterrestrial robots that can transition between humanoid and vehicular forms. The character has appeared in the two "Transformers" animated series, several books and comics, video games, and a computer-generated image in the live-action movie franchise. Additionally, the character has been reproduced as an action figure several times by different licensing companies.

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Bumblebee is the second character, after Wheeljack, to appear onscreen during the first episode of the original Transformers animated series, "More Than Meets The Eye." The character's vehicular alternate mode was originally a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. During the course of the series, Bumblebee is severely damaged by the beserk Transformer Superion, requiring the robot to be rebuilt by the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. After a successful reconstruction, the character is renamed Goldbug.

In contrast to the animated series, in the "Transformers" live-action film series Bumblebee's alternate vehicular mode is a yellow Chevrolet Camaro of varying model years, typically featuring black racing stripes on the hood. Its humanoid form is similar in the animated series, although it is unable to speak like the rest of the Transformers due to battle damage. Instead, the character communicates by broadcasting selected audio and radio clips.

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