How Do You Build a Ziggurat?


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To build a ziggurat, create a model using sugar cubes and cardboard. Take a piece of square plywood to use as a base, and then measure the needed cardboard squares for each terrace level of the ziggurat. The first square's sides are equal to the length of 14 sugar cubes, the second square's sides are equal to the length of 10 sugar cubes, and the last square's sides equal the length of six sugar cubes.

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Place 14 sugar cubes in a row onto the plywood base with another line of 14 cubes parallel to it. Arrange 12 cubes on each side between the first two walls to complete the first square level. Use a glue gun to secure the cubes to each other and to the plywood base, and then glue the largest cardboard terrace to the top of the sugar cube square.

Repeat this process using 10 sugar cubes for the next level. Center the sugar cubes on top of the first cardboard terrace. Using the glue gun, glue the cubes together and on top of the first terrace. Glue the appropriate cardboard square to the top of the cubes. Repeat with the six sugar cube level, centering it on top of the terrace.

The final level of the ziggurat is four sugar cubes centered and glued on top of the final terrace. Create stairs from the plywood base to the top of the first level. The stairs are 4.5 centimeters wide and 10 centimeters long. Each fold of the stairs is 1.5 centimeters. Glue the stairs into place.

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