How Do You Build a Stone Patio?

How Do You Build a Stone Patio?

To build a stone patio, mark the new patio area with stakes, and then dig a hole in the desired shape. Add gravel to the hole, followed by a layer of sand, and then put the stones into place.

  1. Stake out the patio design

    When designing the patio area, consider the items you want to put on the patio, such as a grill, table, chairs and other furnishings. Use stakes to mark off the intended patio space in order to have a visual perspective of the new layout.

  2. Dig a hole and lay gravel

    Dig approximately 10 inches deep over the entire staked area. Then, pack 6 inches of gravel into the hole. Slope the layer of gravel slightly toward the natural draining direction of the yard so that water naturally runs off during a heavy rain.

  3. Add the sand and stones

    Place a 1-inch layer of sand over the gravel. Set the stones in place on top of the sand, and step on them gently to push them into place. Use a level to ensure that the patio still slopes in the desired direction for natural drainage.

  4. Fill in the cracks and complete final landscaping

    Fill in the cracks around the stones with sand to ensure a level surface. Landscaping, such as bushes or plants, can now be added to the completed patio.