How Do You Build a Roof-Style Patio Cover?

Building a roof-style patio cover is moderately difficult for a skilled home improvement project and requires installing a ledger board to the existing roof to determine the level and pitch of the patio roof along with adding flashing, rafters and fascia board, notes The project takes about two days from start to finish and can be costly but is a worthwhile addition that adds value and function to a home's outdoor space.

In order to build a roof-style patio cover, follow the steps below.

  1. Prepare the project and acquire the tools and materials needed
  2. With the budget in mind, acquire the necessary tools and materials for the project. A carpenter's pencil, level, saw, sawhorses, chalk line, power drill and ladder are recommended. A ledger board, two-inch by six-inch boards, aluminum flashing, galvanized steel joist hangers, nails and lag screws are required to build the roof.

  3. Install the ledger board
  4. Attaching the ledger board to the existing roof is the first step and it determines the height of the roof. Make sure it is securely attached horizontally at the proper height.

  5. Install the aluminum flashing
  6. Install the flashing by tucking it under the structure's siding and bending it down the face of the ledger board, protecting it from water damage.

  7. Install the rafters
  8. Prepare the rafters by painting and attaching the joist hangers. Using the ledger board to secure, attach the two-inch by six-inch rafters with the joist hangers, starting from each end and working toward the center. Make certain the rafters are level and do not extend the supporting beam more than a third of overall rafter length.

  9. Add fascia board
  10. Making sure the rafters are equal in length, add the fascia board to the rafter ends to finish the project.