How Do You Build a Pioneer Cabin?


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To build a pioneer log cabin, choose a flat, level area and mark the exterior perimeter with stakes and string. Lay down raised flooring supports, and nail wooden planks to the supports to build a floor. Cut four logs in half lengthwise, and place them face down around the edges of the floor. Build the walls by cutting notches in the ends of logs and stacking them vertically. Finish the cabin by adding a roof and cutting doors and windows.

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When cutting notches in the logs for the cabin's walls, start approximately 1 foot from the ends to increase stability. The corners of the cabin should not be square; the ends of the logs should form a V-shape. Once the walls are complete, cut the holes for the door and windows with a chainsaw. Use wood planks to frame the holes, and install the doors and windows.

Use logs or planks to build ceiling joists. Build rafters for both sides of the roof, and secure them to the walls. At the top point of the roof, install a ridge board and collar ties. Cut cedar shakes, or choose another roofing material, and nail them to the rafters to finish the roof and complete the pioneer cabin.

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