How Do You Build a Log House?


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Build a log house by first using the straightest logs to define the corners of the house and make sure the foundation is square. Cut more logs to be two to three feet longer than the house's dimensions and notch them on each end with either a round or U-shaped notch. Paint the logs with at least two coats of wood preservative and allow to dry before beginning to build.

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Build the cabin by stacking logs on top of each other and connecting them at the notches. When you reach a spot where a door or window will reside, saw the logs accordingly. Dampen the dirt inside the house and flatten the ground to make a mudsill floor.

Roofs for modern log cabins are available pre-sawed, shingled and ready to install. To give it a more rustic feel, cover the shingles with bark or wooden planks. Install the roof at as steep of an angle as possible; this extends the lifespan of the shingles. Install doors and windows. Fill any spaces between uneven logs with cement or mud plaster, and then place small slivers of logs in the spaces.

The building process is only one part of obtaining a log house. The process starts by envisioning the house's look and anticipating its use. Choose a plot of land, set a budget and secure financing. If you are not building the house yourself, you need to choose a contractor, obtain building permits and a select a manufacturer for cabin materials. Once the cabin is complete, you need to obtain an occupancy permit.

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