How Do You Build an Indoor Waterfall?

How Do You Build an Indoor Waterfall?

An indoor waterfall can be built anywhere in the home with a water basin, electric water pump, plastic tubing, a pond liner, waterproof glue and sheet plastic. The project is simple and requires minimal skill to complete.

An indoor waterfall can add a touch of the outdoors, turning an ordinary room into something spectacular. In order to complete the project, follow the instructions below.

  1. Select a basin
  2. Select a basin for the waterfall that is larger than needed according to the flow rate of the electric water pump used.

  3. Set it up
  4. Arrange the pond liner along the bottom of the basin. Place the water pump inside the basin, or outside of it if it is a dry pump. Place the sheet plastic so that it leads to the basin either vertically or angled. Secure the sheet plastic to the sides of the basin using waterproof glue.

  5. Place the tubing
  6. Run the plastic tubing to the pump behind the sheet plastic out of view.

  7. Add decorative touches
  8. Once the indoor waterfall is put together, add some decorative touches to help blend it into the decor of the room. Stones, pebble rocks, tiles or even marbles work well to fill the basin. If the sheet plastic is on an angle, rocks or other decorative items can be placed to cover the plastic for a more natural look.