How Do You Build an Easel?


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To build an easel, start with three pieces of 1-by-2 lumber and cut each piece to 66 inches. Gather the pieces in a sandwich and use a C-clamp at one end approximately 3-inches from the edges.

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How Do You Build an Easel?
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Use a drill to make a 1/2-inch diameter hole 1 1/2-inches from the end of the wood on the wide side through all three pieces. Place a 1/2-inch diameter 2-inch long stove bolt into the hole and add a washer to one end of the bolt. Add a 1/2-inch wing nut to the other end, but do not tighten until you move the center piece about 36 inches away from the two front even pieces, so the structure stands without help.

Use a 48-inch carpenter's level and find an appropriate spot to place a crossbar on the front legs. Mark the legs and measure the distance between the markings. Add 8 inches to that measurement and cut another 1-by-2 plank to fit. Face the narrow side toward you and drill a pilot hole 4 inches away from each end. Line the holes up flush with the front legs and drill a 2-inch wood screw through each hole into the legs.

Drill a pilot hole into the back center of the crossbar and screw a brass cup hook into the hole. Cut a piece of light chain about 30 inches long and attach the end to the cup hook. Repeat this step on the back leg and attach the other end of the chain using pliers to close both hooks around the chain.

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