How Do You Build a Duck Blind?


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To make a duck blind, drive six wooden fence posts into the ground, wrap the posts in wire mesh fencing, and tie branches to the outside of the fencing. Wooden posts and wire fencing are also used to make portable duck blinds.

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To make a permanent duck blind, sharpen the end of three wooden fence posts, and use a sledgehammer to drive the posts into the ground every 4 feet. Drive three additional sharpened fence posts into the ground 4 feet behind the first line of posts, and cut the posts so they are 4 feet above ground level.

Wrap mesh fencing around the posts to form a rectangle, allowing a space to remain open to serve as the door, and secure branches to the outside of the mesh fencing with cable ties. Place plyboard on the ground to serve as a floor.

To make a portable duck blind, obtain four wooden stakes and a piece of chicken wire that is 4 feet high and 12 feet long. After reaching the hunting grounds, push the stakes through the holes in the wire, and drive the stakes into the ground to form the desired shape. Weave dried grasses and branches through the holes in the wire until the blind blends into the surroundings.

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