What Are Brother-in-Law Poems For?


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When someone marries into a family, relationships can become a little strained. One way to ease the tension and welcome the new person to the family is to give them a gift full of sentiments and from the heart.

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What Are Brother-in-Law Poems For?
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Brother in law poems hold a special place in a family dynamic. It's hard enough to enter a family where everyone is going to be watching out for the girl in the family, everyone knows the father and brothers in the group will protect the bride with their life. The purpose of the brother in law poem is to show that even though they have a "hawk's eye" on the new member of the family, they know that he would do anything to protect the woman they all love and care about so deeply. One of the best brother-in-law poems is "For My Brother-In-Law" by Anon.

"When I need you you're there for me. A better brother in law you could never be." The poem expresses the feelings the family members have in a way that is so much more personal than just saying it out loud or giving a gift bought at a store. The words come from the heart and show that the brother-in-law is really part of the family.

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