What Are Some Facts About Brooke Gordon? (difficult)?

A fact about Brooke Gordon is that her ex-husband is famed race car driver Jeff Gordon. Brooke Gordon is a former Ms. Winston, and she settled her divorce from Jeff Gordon with a $15 million payout.

Brooke Gordon's maiden name is Brooke Sealey. Her early relationship with Jeff Gordon remained a secret because, at the time, Jeff drove for the Winston Cup Series, and unwritten rules prohibited drivers from dating Winston girls. Brooke married Jeff Gordon when Jeff was only 21 years old.

Brooke blamed her split from Jeff Gordon on Jeff's marital misconduct, according to the Baltimore Sun. In her divorce papers, she asked for exclusive use of the couple's beachfront home in Highland Beach, Florida. She demanded spousal support, two luxury vehicles, and use of the couple's boats and airplane. Brooke demanded that Jeff Gordon pay the salaries of their various household assistants, including a chef, maids and maintenance workers.

After her divorce from Jeff Gordon, Brooke had a child with James Dixon II of Charlotte, and she went on to marry former South Carolina gubernatorial candidate, Mullins Mcleod. Despite Dixon fathering Brooke's child, Brooke gave the child the last name Gordon. Through attorneys, Jeff Gordon objected to Brooke naming her child after Gordon.