What Is a Brief Summary of "Before I Go to Sleep"?


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“Before I Go to Sleep” is a film that follows Christine Lucas, who wakes up every day with no memory due to a previous traumatic accident. During the movie, Lucas begins to discover new truths that make her question her current life. The film is a mystery thriller written and directed by Rowan Joffe, starring Nicole Kidman and Mark Strong.

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The film begins with Lucas awaking in an unfamiliar house beside a man she doesn’t know. The unknown man explains he’s her husband, Ben, and that she suffered brain damage from a car accident 10 years ago. He also explains that she wakes up every morning with no memory of her life past the age of her early 20s. Each day Lucas receives treatment from a local neurologist, Dr. Nasch, who gives her a camera to record her thoughts every day. Every morning he calls her as a reminder to watch her recorded video from the previous day.

Dr. Nasch instructs her to keep the camera hidden and to not reveal it to Ben. The doctor then explains that her memory loss is actually due to an attack that nearly killed her. As the movie continues, Lucas uncovers more hidden secrets related to her husband and doctor while also trying to figure out who is her attacker.

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