What Is a Brief Biography of Jim Cramer, the Financial Analyst?


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Jim Cramer is a financial analyst and, as of 2015, the host of "Mad Money," a show on CNBC that advises viewers to either buy, sell or hold particular stocks. Cramer is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School and has worked as a reporter, a lawyer, a Goldman Sachs stockbroker and a hedge fund manager. Cramer and Martin Peretz, the owner of "The New Republic," founded a financial news and investment services website called TheStreet in 1996.

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After attending Harvard, Jim Cramer worked as a journalist in Los Angeles and Florida. He was heavily involved in the Ted Bundy serial murder case during his time in Tallahassee, Florida, and he gained national attention for several of his pieces. However, during this time, he was also extremely poor and even had a stint when he lived in his car.

After Cramer's three-year career at Goldman Sachs and his time as a hedge fund manager at Cramer, Berkowitz and Co., CNBC offered him a contract as an evening talk show host. The shows that Cramer hosts on CNBC, "Mad Money" and "Squawk on the Street," have made him an entertainment celebrity and have led to several appearances on nightly news programs and nationally televised talk shows.

Cramer was investigated for market manipulation and fraud by the Securities and Exchanges Commission but was not formally charged with any wrongdoing. His website, TheStreet, was also charged with several counts of accounting fraud in 2012, although no personal charges were levied against Cramer.

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