How Do You Breed a Moon Dragon?


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In "DragonVale" players can breed moon dragons by combining any two dragons with the Cold and Lightning elements. Moon dragons have an incubation time of 48 hours and can only be bred between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. Parent dragons must contain the Moon or Sun element. The ability to breed moon dragons becomes available at level 12.

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According to in-game lore, moon dragons are the descendants of the dragon that became the moon. Depending on their level, they earn between 40 to 256 coins per minute without additional boosts. Unlike their counterparts, the blue moon dragons, they are not a limited item and are always available once the prerequisites have been met.

"DragonVale" is a freemium mobile game available on iOS and Android as of 2014. It revolves around breeding, hatching and raising different types of dragons. Each dragon requires a unique habitat to live in. The goal of the game is to build a theme park filled with dragons that entertain paying guests, thereby generating revenue that can be used to feed and hatch more dragons. Basic dragons can be combined to breed hybrid dragons, which can eventually breed and create more unique and rare offspring. Dragons can also be entered into competitions.

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