What Is "Braveheart" About?

"Braveheart" is a movie about a Scottish revolt against English tyranny. The main character, played by Mel Gibson, leads the revolt when his wife is killed by an English sheriff after a soldier raped her.

The film begins with Scottish people living in fear and repression by the English monarchy. William Wallace marries his bride and tries to keep it a secret because of the English king's policy of Primae Noctis, which allows English lords to sleep with newly wedded Scottish women. An English soldier finds out and tries to rape her, but she fights back, so she is executed publicly by the English.

William Wallace then begins a revolution against the English to attempt to take back Scotland's freedom and avenge his wife's death. His plan is to invade the English on their own ground to defeat them.

In battle, William Wallace is knocked off of his horse and captured by the English. He is taken by the English for torture and execution. Wallace refuses to beg for mercy, and the crowd is awestruck by his bravery. The crowd shouts at the English to pardon and give mercy to William Wallace, but Wallace uses his last bit of strength to shout, "Freedom!"

"Braveheart" won five Oscars. It is rated R for brutal medieval warfare.