What Are Some Brain Break Songs for Children?

What Are Some Brain Break Songs for Children?

Examples of brain break songs for kids include the Ice Age's "The Sid Shuffle," the Learning Station's "C'mon Let's Dance," Cee Lo Green's "Kung Fu Fighting" and Just Dance Kids' "What Does the Fox Say?". Teach Train Love and the Learning Station list many other brain break songs for kids. The two sites provide links videos of the songs, improving brain break experiences by encouraging movement through dance examples.

"The Sid Shuffle" combines music and specific dance instruction. Children are engaged through active listening. The strong beat of the song encourages rhythmic motion and the simple steps improve coordination.

"C'mon Let's Dance" uses an informal approach, moving through several dances at a fast pace. The song encourages creativity in it's lyrics. It also offers an explanation of a brain break, giving kids a chance to understand why it's important.

"Kung Fu Fighting" is a song and video recorded for the Dreamworks Animation Studio's movie Kung Fu Panda. It showcases kids dancing through martial arts moves, offering an accessible experience during a brain break.

Just Dance Kids uses high energy moves to make "What Does the Fox Say?" into a brain break song for kids that need to expend excess energy.