What Are Some of the Books in the "William Monk" Series?

What Are Some of the Books in the "William Monk" Series?

Books in the "William Monk" series include "The Face of a Stranger," "The Sins of the Wolf" and "Weighed in the Balance." Anne Perry writes the "William Monk" series, which is a historical detective fiction series set in the Victorian era.

"The Face of a Stranger," which came out in 1990, is the first book in the "William Monk" series. It introduces London detective William Monk, who has a carriage accident that gives him amnesia. With no memory of who he is, Monk attempts to hide the truth while he recovers. He begins investigating a brutal murder case while uncovering clues about who he was before the accident.

"The Sins of the Wolf," published in 1994, is the fifth book in the series. Monk's partner, a Crimean war nurse named Hester Latterly, accompanies an old Scottish woman on a train trip. When the woman dies, Latterly is the main suspect. Monk must find the real killer to prove Latterly's innocence.


The seventh book in the series is "Weighed in the Balance." It starts with a German Countess named Zorah Rostova requesting that a London barrister defend her against slander charges. Monk and Latterly investigate the murder of the prince of Rostova's principality, which Rostova claims was committed by the prince's wife. However, the evidence Monk and Latterly find implicates Rostova in the murder.