What Are Some Books or Websites With Instructions for Making Paper Airplanes for Kids?


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There are many books and websites that offer information about folding paper airplanes. Some of the books include "The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes," by Doug Stillinger, and "Little Paper Planes," by Kelly Lynn Jones. Websites with free information about folding paper planes include Paper Airplanes HQ and Origami-Instructions.

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Doug Stillinger's book, "The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes," offers step-by-step instructions on folding ten different styles of paper planes. It also includes 40 sheets of patterned paper for readers to fold into planes. "Little Paper Planes," by Kelly Lynn Jones is an alternative paper planes instructional that provides decorated models of planes designed by artists in the Little Paper Planes art collective. Each model is printed on a perforated sheet for removal and folding.

The Paper Airplanes HQ website offers users interactive guides for folding 50 different types of planes. Users select a plane to fold and are provided with video and animated instructions to create it. The site also offers flying tips and information about the history of paper, planes and aerodynamics. The Origami-Instructions website provides instructions for five different types of paper planes and a glider that can be folded using origami paper. The difficulty levels range from simple designs requiring very few folds to more advanced designs complete with "landing gear."

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