What Are Some Books by Wanda Brunstetter?


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Some of Wanda Brunstetter’s books include “Goodbye to Yesterday,” “Woman of Courage” and ‘Lydia’s Charm.” Brunstetter has published many novels focusing on Amish life both past and present.

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Set in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, “Goodbye to Yesterday” is the first book in Brunstetter’s “Lancaster County Saga,” focusing on Amish couple Meredith and Luke Stoltzfus. In the series’ first entry, the couple endures a range of struggles, from pregnancy and financial troubles to a dangerous meeting at a Philadelphia bus station. Other books in the series include “The Silence of Winter” and “The Hope of Spring.”

“Woman of Courage” is a historical novel that follows Amanda Pearson on a cross country journey to minister to the Nez Pierce tribe. Leaving her home in New York after a broken engagement, Pearson’s journey across the 18th century United States takes her through illness, abandonment and other travails. From the Rocky Mountains to the Oregon Territory, Pearson’s faith and perseverance help her to endure.

“Lydia’s Charm” finds protagonist Lydia King struggling to readjust after the loss of her husband. When mysterious gifts begin to appear on her doorstep, Lydia wonders about their source, and begins to consider love again. Lydia’s journey also serves to reveal the prejudices of her small town, in a gripping romance that also offers a historical account of the Amish of Charm, Ohio.

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