What Are Some Books in the Teen Titans Series?

What Are Some Books in the Teen Titans Series?

Books in the "Teen Titan" series include "Cyborg, Come Home" and "Blackfire," written by Tracey West. J. Torres wrote two additional "Teen Titan" books entitled "Blinded by the Light" and "Raven's Secret."

In "Cyborg, Come Home," Cyborg quits the team after a fight with Robin. But, after a villain breaks into a maximum security prison and the teen superheroes must battle a creature named Plasmus, Cyborg rejoins the group and Plasmus is captured.

The members of Teen Titan are introduced to Starfire's sister in the book "Blackfire." Starfire thinks the other Teen Titans like Blackfire too much, but then she discovers that Blackfire is a fugitive. Blackfire attempts to pass herself off as Starfire to avoid alien capture.

In "Blinded by the Light," the Teen Titans battle with Dr. Light. The doctor attempts to steal the city's power, rendering the team unable to see a new movie. The book "Raven's Secret" focuses on Raven, a teen superhero who melts things using her mind.

"Teen Titan" graphic novels include "Changing of the Guard," "Titans Around the World," "Life and Death," "Titans of Tomorrow," "The Future is Now" and "A Kid's Game." Other "Teen Titan" graphic novels are "Prime of Life," "Family Lost," "Beast Boys and Girls," "Ravager Fresh Hell" and "Hunt for Raven." Most "Teen Titan" graphic novels are numbered.