What Are Some Books by Robin Cook?


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Robin Cook's most recent works include "Host," published in 2015, "Cell," published in 2014 and "Nano," published in 2013. As of 2015, Robin Cook has published 34 books.

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Other titles of books by Robin Cook include "Death Benefit," "Cure," "Intervention," "Foreign Body," "Critical," "Crisis," "Marker," "Seizure," "Shock," "Abduction," "Vector," "Toxin," "Chromosome 6," "Invasion," "Contagion," "Fatal Cure," "Acceptable Risk," "Terminal," "Blindsight," "Vital Signs," "Harmful Intent," "Mutation," "Mortal Fear," "Outbreak," "Mindbend," "Godplayer," "Fever," "Brain," "Sphinx," "Coma" and "Year of the Intern." The New York Times bestsellers' list has featured Robin Cook's books 28 times. Several of his books have been made into TV movies.

In addition to being an author, Robin Cook is a medical doctor. All of his books are thrillers, but they also incorporate a medical aspect for a unique and signature blend. Robin Cook uses books as a medium to engage a larger audience in terms of the relationship between medical ethics and public policy. His works touch upon such sensitive areas as genetic engineering, in vitro fertilization, concierge medicine, medical economics and stem cell research.

Brief blurbs of all of the Robin Cook books are available on RobinCook.com. The website also has links where shoppers can purchase his books.

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