What Are Some Books Read in Elementary School?

What Are Some Books Read in Elementary School?

"The Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse," "Ramona the Pest," "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" and "The Twenty-One Balloons" are books children read in elementary school. These are four of the 30 best books for elementary readers, according to Education.com.

"The Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse," by Ursula Moray Williams, is a book recommended for third graders. It is about a toy who goes out into the world to find his fortune and help the man who made him.

"Ramona the Pest," by Beverly Cleary, is also a book for third graders. The book introduces readers to Ramona, who wants to be good, but it is too tempting to pull Susan's curls.

Brian Selznick wrote "The Invention of Hugo Cabret," a book for fourth-grade readers. It is about Hugo, who wants to repair a robot-like automation that was rescued from a fire. If he can repair it, he believes that the metal hand will write a note from his deceased father, revealing a plan to keep him safe.

"The Twenty-One Balloons," by William Pene du Bois, is recommended for fifth graders. It is about Professor William Waterman Sherman, who has plans to spend his retirement going across the Pacific Ocean in a hot-air balloon but lands on a volcanic island occupied by gourmets and inventors.