What Books Are Part of the Catherine Coulter FBI Series?

What Books Are Part of the Catherine Coulter FBI Series?

As of November 2015, 19 books are part of novelist Catherine Coulter's FBI series. The first book is 1996's "The Cove," which features FBI agent James Quinlan. He goes to a quaint Oregon coastal town to solve a murder of an arms dealer.

The second book in the series, "The Maze," brings back agent Dillon Savich from "The Cove." In the new book he has become the head of the FBI's Criminal Apprehension Unit. Savich's new focus is serial killers. He and another agent, Lacey Sherlock, find themselves in danger after a Boston murder.

Savich and Sherlock also appear in the third book, "The Target." The plot revolves around a child abduction, but the suspected kidnapper is not necessarily what he appears to be.

More recent books in the series include 2014's "Power Play." The life of America's ambassador in Britain is in danger, both in London and back in the United States. Meanwhile, Sherlock returns to deal with a psychopath who is supposed to be confined to a mental hospital.

Coutler's 19th book, released in 2015, is "Nemesis." It again features Savich and Sherlock. While Sherlock is dealing with terrorists in New York City, Savich is handling a Dracula-like murder case. The investigations overlap when Sherlock becomes the vampire killer's target.