What Are Some Books in "The Paladin Prophecy" Series?


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Some books in the “Paladin Prophecy” series include “The Paladin Prophecy,” “Alliance” and “Rogue.” Author Mark Frost, best known as the co-creator of the TV series “Twin Peaks,” is the series’ author.

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“The Paladin Prophecy,” the first book in the series, introduces readers to protagonist Will West, whose parents have always encouraged him to hide his exceptional abilities. Will has worked to downplay his physical and mental prowess throughout his life, but when he accidentally scores off the charts on a national standardized test, he’s quickly marked for recruitment by a mysterious prep school. Meeting a group of other extraordinary youngsters, Will soon discovers his powers are part of a much greater struggle that dates back millennia.

“Alliance,” the second book in the series, sees Will and his friends investigating the Knights of Charlemagne, a shadowy group of students first revealed in the series’ first book. As Will learns to wrestle with his own developing powers, he and his friends must try to distinguish friend from foe, with every classmate posing a potential threat.

In “Rogue,” the final book in the series, Will and his friends battle with the Knights of Charlemagne’s leader, revealed to be other than Will’s own grandfather. In a last ditch effort against evil, Will must enter the mystical realm Never-was in a search of a mysterious group of beings known as the Hierarchy.

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