What Books Are in the "Montgomery" Series by Jude Deveraux?

What Books Are in the "Montgomery" Series by Jude Deveraux?

The "Montgomery" series by Jude Deveraux consists of fifteen novels, the first of which is "The Black Lyon" and the last of which is "A Knight in Shining Armor." Books in the "Montgomery" series chiefly focus on two families: the Montgomerys and the Taggerts. The timeline in the series spans several decades and explores the loves and lives of various family members who reside in the United States and England.

The first book, "The Black Lyon," is set in the Middle Ages, and the main protagonists are Ranulf de Warbrooke and Lady Lyonene. Ranulf is a bold English conqueror who captured the heart of Lyonene, but their love and lives were full of peril. This is a tale of jealous love, fierce loyalty, and even kidnap and rescue.

"The Duchess," the second book, brings together an American and a Scotsman. The book follows Claire Willoughby on her adventure to become a duchess to a Montgomery, moving her life from America to the highlands of Scotland to live in a large, ancient castle.

"The Temptress" is the third installment, following a Montgomery heiress and reporter who becomes embroiled in a love triangle. The fourth book,"The Raider," is a passion-filled, dramatic story of love and rebellion on American soil. "Mountain Laurel," the fifth book, is also set in America. In this one, Captain Montgomery has been assigned the task of escorting an opera singer in Colorado.

"Sweet Liar," "Wishes" and "The Princess" are the sixth, seventh and eighth books in the series. These are followed by "Eternity," "Someone to Love," "The Heiress" and "The Awakening." The last three books in the series are "The Invitation," "High Tide" and "A Knight in Shining Armor."