What Are Some Books in the "Maximum Ride" Series?


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Books in the "Maximum Ride" series include "The Angel Experiment," "School's Out — Forever" and "Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports." Other books include "The Final Warning," "Max" and "Fang." As of 2016, the most recent book in the series is "Maximum Ride Forever."

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The first book in James Patterson's "Maximum Ride" series is "The Angel Experiment," which was published in 2005. The series revolves around six orphan children who have the ability to fly. Max Ride, the protagonist, and her best friends are hunted by an unknown force. The group must try to understand how and why they have been endowed with their power while trying to stay alive.

"School's Out — Forever," "Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports" and "The Final Warning" are books two, three and four, respectively.

Books five, six and seven are titled "Max," "Fang" and "Angel." Each of these books is titled after a character. The eighth and ninth books of the series are "Nevermore" and "Maximum Ride Forever." "Maximum Ride Forever" was published in 2015. In it, the series' titular character finds herself in a post-apocalyptic world, where she attempts to understand what has happened. Her friends are scattered, and she hopes that by reuniting them, she can discover the answers she seeks.

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