What Are Some Books by Lisa Gardner?


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"The Neighbor," "Live to Tell" and "Love You More" are books written by Lisa Gardner. Each of these books is from the "Detective D.D. Warren" series. Lisa Gardner is an American author who has written many thrillers. She also has written romance novels using the pen name Alicia Scott.

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"The Neighbor" is about Detective D.D. Warren investigating the case of a young mother disappearing from her home in South Boston. Her 4-year-old daughter is the only witness, and her husband is the number-one suspect.

"Live to Tell" is about Detective D.D. Warren investigating the crime scene after a father kills his family and then himself. After the same thing happens to other families, Warren must find the demented killer before he strikes again.

"Love You More" is about a case that looks open and shut. Tessa Leoni, a state trooper, kills her abusive husband in self-defense, but Leoni won't talk about her missing 6-year-old daughter, battered face or dead husband. Detective D.D. Warren tries to solve a murder, save a child and discover family secrets.

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