What Are Some of the Books in the Left Behind Series?

What Are Some of the Books in the Left Behind Series?

The Left Behind series begins with "Left Behind" and is followed in chronological order by "Tribulation Force," "Nicolae," "Soul Harvest" and "Apollyon." The series chronicles a fictional account of the rapture as believed by some Christian denominations.

"Apollyon" is followed by "Assassins," "The Indwelling," "The Mark" and "Desecration." These are followed by "The Remnant," "Armageddon" and "Glorious Appearing." "Kingdom Come" concludes the series. "The Rising," "The Regime" and "The Rapture" are prequels. There are over 40 children's' books in the series, beginning with "Triumphant Return."

The adult series begins on an airplane in mid-flight and describes events after many passengers — and many people on Earth — disappear, leaving behind nothing more than clothing, glasses and other possessions. The world descends into chaos, and many people convert. The book is written in a "second-chance" period for more souls to find salvation.

The series then follows the rise of the antichrist, his assassination, his return as Satan and other aspects of what the series calls the "Great Tribulation." It concludes with the return of Jesus Christ at the height of Armageddon.

Written by Jerry Jenkins, the books are checked for "prophetic accuracy" by Tim LaHaye, resulting in a co-author credit. "Left Behind" the film is available for viewing as of October 2014.