What Are All of the Books That Karen Kingsbury Has Written?

What Are All of the Books That Karen Kingsbury Has Written?

Karen Kingsbury has written over 75 books as of 2015. Her books include 11 series, including the Bailey Flanigan and Above the Line series, as well as 15 stand-alone novels. An exhaustive list of her books can be found on her website, KarenKingsbury.com.

"Chasing Sunsets" is her newest book in 2015, and is the second in a the Angels Walking series about divine intervention.

In addition to inspirational novels and series, Kingsbury writes children's books, including "Always Daddy's Princess" and "We Believe in Christmas," e-shorts and True Crime novels.

According to KarenKingsbury.com, almost 25 million copies of her books are in print. Kingsbury's website refers to her books as "life-changing fiction," many of which have reached No. 1 spots on national sales charts including USA Today and the New York Times.

Kingsbury lives in Nashville, Tennessee and is a public speaker. Her public speaking endeavors are mostly targeted toward women's groups, and she speaks to over 100,000 women annually. She also hosts "The Karen Kingsbury Show" on Salem radio weekdays from 2-7 p.m., which launched in 39 markets as of 2014. On her website, Kingsbury says she prays every time she sits down to write that God will help her use words to touch her readers' hearts.